First Inning

Welcome to the first blog post for The Wisch List.  I’ve been an avid baseball fan for many years and this will be my forum for any related thoughts when it comes to baseball.  I’m from Milwaukee so therefore my favorite team is the Brewers, however I’m a fan of MLB as a whole.  I’ll give you my thoughts and discuss any popular trending news in baseball.

The MLB season has started with a couple games in Australia.  The season will  start stateside on Sunday with Sunday night baseball between he Dodgers and Padres.  The official opening day will be Monday.

Opening day is one of my favorite days of the year.  It’s a form of tradition I can really appreciate.  It truly is a happy celebration marking the return of another exciting season of baseball.  It really should be marked as a national holiday.  I’m ready to get the grill fired up and get some warm weather our way.

I’m a huge Brewers fan, but I’m also a realist.  Best case scenario, they’ll be a wild card team.  That pitching staff just isn’t dominant to be considered a front runner to win the division.  I love the offense and that’s going to keep them competitive.  Braun is returning from his PED suspension and I’d expect him to return to his typical stat line.  Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura should continue to expand on their breakout seasons.  Lucroy is solid.  Aramis Ramirez will hopefully be healthy enough to contribute for an entire season.  Khris (Krush) Davis is looking to have a monster year after hints last season of being a big time power threat.  1st base was terrible last season.  I have confidence in Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay being productive enough to not have that position be a liability.  Like I said, they should be more than fine offensively.

I love to go on road trips to see the Brewers.  Throughout the years, I’ve seen them in Minneapolis, Chicago (only south side so far), Cincinnati, St. Louis, Washington DC, San Diego, New York (Mets), and Seattle.  I’ll still see other stadiums even if the Brewers aren’t playing.  I’m able to add Atlanta and New York (old and new Yankee stadium, and Shea Stadium) to that list.  This year I’ll see the Brewers in Boston, Chicago (Wrigley), and hopefully Pittsburgh.

I’ve always enjoyed baseball video games my entire life.  I started with R.B.I. Baseball on NES.  I can still recall using Bret Saberhagen as my pitcher.  I couldn’t even begin to explain why that was.  The next big franchise I would play would be Ken Griffey Jr. MLB Baseball for Super Nintendo.  I was about 9 but I still remember being so deep in to that game that I would keep standings for the team I was playing with.  From there it was a bit of a gap until Triple Play Baseball.  I always played with the Montreal Expos.  Again, another unexplained quirk of my youth.  From there I saw a big black hole for baseball video games.  I attempted to play 2k sport’s MLB 2k franchise.  I bought that game for years but never really enjoyed playing it.  I finally found a new love for baseball video games when I finally got a PS3 and played MLB 13: The Show.  For the time, it was perfect.  All of that is changing after seeing what they’re coming out with this year when MLB 14: The Show comes out.  The amount of detail they’ll be able to do on a PS4 will be unreal.

For almost the last 10 years I’ve been incredibly heavy in to fantasy baseball.  I’ve been in the same keeper league and have been able to get some really great friendships out of it.  I’ve been so much more aware of player personnel and I would say fantasy baseball helped with that.

Let’s end this first blog with some predictions, even though we’re technically 2 games in to the season.

AL East: New York Yankees

AL Central: Detroit Tigers

AL West: Oakland Athletics

AL Wild Cards: Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays


NL East: Washington Nationals

NL Central: Cincinnati Reds

NL West: Colorado Rockies

NL Wild Cards: St. Louis Cardinals, Milwaukee Brewers


That’s all for now.  I’ll dive in on why I made these picks with the next post.


Tristan Wischer



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